Access to our Wellness Services

d0g-wellnessThere’s no doubt your dog will enjoy a full day of fun whilst they’re at our Doggy Daycare & wellness Centre, and will come home ready for a good night’s sleep. But for those wanting to add a few extra services to their dog’s day, or take advantage of our on-site facilities, you can do just that.

We provide monthly specialist clinics at our daycare facility as well as daily pampering services which include chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, veterinary clinics and anesthesia free teeth cleaning to name a few.

Having access to our 5 star grooming salon means you can also keep on top of your dog’s hygiene without having to make appointments outside of daycare. Your dog will come home clean and smelling of roses… or at least of the amazing natural shampoo’s and pampering products we use in our grooming salon.

Your dog has access to professionally trained educators, who can spend quality one-on-one time with your dog, assessing and addressing any problem behaviors and reinforcing beneficial training techniques. One-hour lessons can easily be included in your dog’s day, as and when you feel your dog needs a little focus.

We provide “socialisation, metal stimulation and exercise, looking after our doggy’s mental, emotional and physical wellbeing” all under one “woof”.

Contact us today to add a specialist service to your dogs daycare day at a great price!